Custom MIDI Drum Tracks

For all songwriters, producers and artists who want to take advantage of today's virtual drums technology, Golden Frog Music offers Custom MIDI Drum Tracks for your songs.

Starting at $75 (U.S.)* per song, and covering different styles from pop, indie and alternative to metal, this online service is your best choice when you need drum sessions for your project.

No more booking studio time, programming drums with your fingers, or searching through hundreds of MIDI files to see which ones fit your song; Golden Frog Music will do all the work for you, saving you time and money. If you don't use virtual drum samplers, don't worry; you'll receive the files in separate WAV tracks (i.e., kick, snare, overheads, etc.), so you can upload them in any digital audio workstation (DAW), like Pro Tools, Cubase or Logic.

Plus, you only have to pay a single fee after the final approval of the MP3 previews that will be sent to you. No deposits, no royalties.

Listen to the demos, and read how it works. If you need more information, feel free to contact me.

Nigel Rios
Musician & Owner of Golden Frog Music


How it works

STEP 1: Send your scratch or reference track by clicking the Hightail button below. But first, please click here to read the instructions on how to prepare the track.


STEP 2: When I receive the tracks, I'll send you a confirmation email shortly with a price quote. After agreeing with the price, I'll work on your song and send you the first MP3 version. Listen to it and tell if it needs some changes.

STEP 3: Once changes are done and you approve the final version, I will send you a Paypal money request to your email, so you can submit the payment. Paypal accepts all major credit cards payments, as well as direct bank account transfers.

STEP 4: After receiving the payment, the drum tracks will be sent via Hightail or email.


*Terms and conditions:

  1. All payments should be in U.S. dollars. The starting price of $75 (U.S.) is for a standard song of 5:00 minutes long. Songs longer than that or too complicated (too many parts, time signature changes, etc.), could cost a little more. A price quotation will be sent to you after hearing the scratch tracks.
  2. After payment, the final files will be sent in 24 hours, either in MIDI or WAV formats. Please take notice that the WAV files could take a little longer due to the size of the tracks.
  3. Each MIDI file is sent with its correspondent virtual drum sampler's project file, so you can upload it in your favorite DAW (i.e., Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, etc.). It's important to have the latest update of the drum software to avoid compatibility issues.
  4. If you use a different virtual drum sampler than the ones I work with (see below), I recommend you to accept the files in WAV format. If you still prefer the MIDI files, I will send them, but you'll need to do the necessary mapping and tweaking inside the software to make it sound as close as the performance in the previews.
  5. All WAV files are done with Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0. The resolution is in 24/44.1 KHz because the sample libraries are recorded at that bit-depth and sample-rate, and the drum samplers bounce the tracks in that format. The files can be converted later inside your DAW to the bit-depth or sample-rate of your project. They are sent without EQ, compression or effects. Please, notify if you prefer another drum sampler before start working with the tracks.
  6. Currently, I'm working with the following drum samplers and libraries:

    - Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0: N.Y. Avatar Library - Metal Foundry SDX - Custom & Vintage SDX - Music City USA SDX - Platinum Samples Joe Barresi Evil Drums SDX - Latin Percussion EZX - Electronic EZX - Twisted Kit EZX.

    - Steven Slate Drums 4.0: Platinum Edition.